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All American Soap Box Derby

All American
Soap Box Derby


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Racers in action

Kids Racing

G I R L S   R U L E !


Kids Racing

Jarritt Youngers and his Dad in the starting block.


Kids Racing

Alicia Porter with her masters car - pulling into the starting block.


Kids Racing

Aubrey McClaran preparing for her first trip down the hill.


Kids Racing

Tucker McClaran, routing her steering cables.



Hannah Welzbacker getting some coaching from her Dad.


A Day at the Races


Race Day begins early in the morning as the pits open and racers arrive at the track. Before we get started everyone pitches in to set up the track. During this time there is a flurry of activity as the track is swept; cones and barricades are placed; timing equipment, scales, starting ramps, scoring tables and the PA system are set-up.

Soap box

Drivers must register by filling out the race entry form and paying the entry fee at the registration table. Once all drivers are registered the race brackets, also called ladders, are organized. This determines the competitors in each beginning heat. Then it’s time for last minute tuning and car prep.


Soap BoxAll cars are weighed on official scales with the driver on board. Each division has different weight limits and restrictions on how much weight can be placed in the rear of the car. The scale master will help make sure each car is weighed fairly. Once cars are weighed in no further adjustments are permitted, so make sure your car is ready to go.

The Race Director then calls all drivers and car handlers to the track for a Driver's Meeting, to go over rules and safety. Now we're ready to race.

Our races are double elimination
meaning you have to be beaten in two heat races to be eliminated.

Each “heat” race consists of two “phases” or trips down the hill–once in each lane– against the same opponent. “Wheel swaps” and “Lane swaps” are made between phases of each heat. The two cars exchange all four wheels being careful that each wheel goes to the same position on the other car. The two cars then switch lanes from the first phase. This eliminates the wheels and lane from being factors in who wins and insures that the driver and the car are the determining factors—with the driver being the biggest. One of the primary goals of soapbox derby racing is to give each driver an equal opportunity to win.

Racing continues with the winner of each heat advancing in the winner’s bracket and the loser moving to the consolation bracket. But just because you lose your first heat does mean you’re done. Many times racers have advanced through the consolation bracket all the way to the finals.

In the finals heat the racer who has advanced through the consolation bracket with no second defeat races against the driver who has gone through the winner’s bracket with no defeats. Should the consolation racer win the first heat of the finals they go to a sudden death heat, because remember, it’s a double elimination race.

Racing continues until winners in each division have been determined. Then everyone pitches in to break down the track equipment and load everything back into the equipment trailer. Once the work is done winners are announced and trophies are awarded. Another day of racing has come to an end leaving a lifetime of memories for each participant.

For specific start times and dates
please refer to our schedule of events.

Remember, drivers gain skill with experience. More time on the track means drivers get better and learn how to tune their cars for maximum speed. Our rally races are an excellent way to get more racing experience and earn points in the Rally Racing division. Learn more about our Rally schedule here.