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All American Soap Box Derby

All American
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Salem Soap Box Derby - Race Event Photos - photos page /1/2/

Racing - 2009 season

ssbd  ssbd

left) Ryan Wixson. right) Alex Kennedy.

ssbd   ssbd   ssbd

center) Aidan King & Austin Requa. right) Aubrey McClaran.

ssbd  ssbd

left) Hannah Welzbacker. right) Cullen Tucker.

ssbd  ssbd

left) Alicia Porter. right) Jill Youngers.

ssbd  ssbd

left) Lisa Cooper and Wes Foster. right) Desiree Cornwell and Mom.

ssbd   ssbd    ssbd

left) Madison Hughes. center) Hannah & Aidan crossing the finish line. right) Aubrey McClaran.

ssbd   ssbd

left) Ryan Wixson and Dad. right) Aubrey McClaran and Dad.


more Salem Racing

ssbd   ssbd

left) Adam McCaw. right) Chad Menor lined up to run down the hill.

ssbd    ssbd    ssbd

center) Wes Foster weighing in Zoe Fishel. right) Amy Requa.


Thanks to all the many friends, racers and families who have contributed to our Website by allowing us to use these remarkable photos of our SSBD racers. It is hard not to capture fun at a SSBD event. We are always looking for photos of our racers, if you would like to submit your images please email your jpgs to us at: sbdsalem@gmail.com. Contributing Photographers: Jan Sonnenmair, Perry, Robbie McClaran, Dan Tucker and Lydia Hess.


You can find more photos on our Face Book Page and at our Blog Spot.

more racing photos on page /2/

Check out our historical photos section as well.



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