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2016 All American Local Champs

L-R Willa Johnson, 2016 Masters Champ - Katie - Rose Mason - 2016 Stock Champ

2015 All American Local Champs


L-R Ileiza Barnes - 2015 Stock Local Champ

Kallan Wehrmeister - 2015 Super Stock Champ

2014 All American Local Champs


L-R Haley Lawhorn - 2014 Local Super Stock Champ

Danielle Fuller - 2014 Local Stock Champ

Salem's 2013 All American Local Champs

Kallan Wehrmeister, Stock Local Champ and Jarritt Youngers, Super Stock Local Champ


Salem's 2013 Rally Champs


Mikayla Sadler -Stock Rally, Aubrey McClaran - Stock Rally, Haley Lawhorn- Stock Rally


Brittnea Lawhorn- Super Stock Rally

Salem's 1st Oregon Super Kids Champ

Dylan Anderson, 2013 Oregon Super Kids Champ

Salem's 2012 All American Local Champs



Mikayla Sadler, Stock Local Champ - Emma Lawson, Super Stock Local Champ - Brittnea Lawhorn, Masters Local Champ

Salems 2012 Rally Champ



Jarritt Youngers, 2012 Masters Rally Champ

Salem's All American World Champions from 2011


Tajha Goodwin - Lowell
Stock Rally Champ, 7th Pace World

Salem's Local Champs from 2011

2011 champs

Ariel Gear - Masters Local Champ • Maj Wehrmeister - Stock Local Champ • Cullen Tucker - Super Stock Local Champ

Salem's Rally Champs from 2011

taj2 jared2

Top: Tajha Goodwin - Lowell, Stock Rally, 7th place World• Jarritt Youngers, Masters Rally • Jared Sjoli, Masters Rally•

Bottom Row: Aubrey McClaran, Stock Rally • Tucker McClaran, Super Stock Rally

Salem's All American World Champions from 2010

2010 All American Super Stock World Champion

Salem Brings home it's Eighth World Championship!

Tucker w/ trophy

Tucker McClaran, 2010 Super Stock World Champion

Salem's Local Champs from 2010

ryan WixsonTucker McClaranAubrey McClaran

Ryan Wixson - Masters Local Champ • Tucker McClaran - Super Stock Local Champ • Aubrey McClaran - Stock Local Champ

2010 Local Championship Top Three Place Finishers

top3 finishers 2010 local

L-R Maj Wehrmeister, Tajha Goodwin- Lowell, Aubrey McClaran, Ryan Wixson, Alicia Porter, Jared Sjolin, Tucker McClaran,
Olivia Strode-Johnson, Brittnea Lawhorn

Salem's Rally Champs from 2010

Cullen Tuckerblank Jarritt Youngers

Cullen Tucker, 2010 Stock Rally Champ & Jarritt Youngers, 2010 Stock Rally Champ

Salem's All American World Champions from 2009

Salem sent three Region 1 Rally Champions to Akron in 2009. All three brought home trophies. Tucker McClaran finished 8th in Stock Rally, Cameron Reinhart finished 4th in Master Rally, and Kirsten Fauser finished 2nd in Master Rally.


Kirsten Fauser - 2009 Masters Rally Champion, 2nd place World.



Cameron Reinhart - 2009 Masters Rally Champion, 4th place World.



Tucker McClaran - 2009 Stock Rally Champion, 8th place World.

Salem's Local & Regional Champs from 2009

Ashley Porter - Masters Local Champion

Edward Hodge - Super Stock Local Champion.
Cullen Tucker - Stock Local Champion.

Salem's All American World Champions from 2008


Maddison Stapelton - 2008 Super StockChampion, 2nd place World.

Salem's Local & Regional Champs from 2008


Tucker McClaran - Stock Local Champ

Maddison Stapleton - Super Stock Local Champ

Bobbie Eagle - Masters Local Champ


Amy Requa - Stock Rally Champ

Austin Requa - Super Stock Rally Champ

Zaine Stapleton - Masters Rally Champ

Ryan Fauser - Masters Rally Champ

Ashly Porter - Masters Rally Champ

Salem's Local & Regional Champs from 2007

Amy Requa - Stock Local Champ

Morgan Anderson -Super Stock Local Champ

Ryan Fauser - Masters Local Champ

Salem's All American World Champions from 1997 and up.


Morgan Anderson, 2006 Masters Champion, 5th place World.

bobbie eagle 2006

Bobbie Eagle, 2006 Stock Rally Champion, 6th Place World


Nathan McCaw, 2004 World Stock Rally Champion.


Patrick Reinhart, 2003 Super Stock Champion, 6th place World.


Ashley Porter, 2002 Stock Champion, 2nd place World.


Patrick Reinhart, 2002 Masters Champion, 4th place World.

Back-to-Back-to-Back World Champs from Salem!

1999 was a record-setting year for Salem, as it became the first race city in history to have three World Champions in a row.  In 1997, Dolline Vance dominated Derby Downs in Akron in the SuperStock division.  Then "Hurricane" Hailey Simpson took the field by storm in 1998's Stock division.  And making history in 1999, it's Alisha Ebner and the ACE Racing Team letting all who were there know that Salem is the race city to beat!



Alisha Ebner, 1999 Superstock World Champion.


Janelle Brandt, 1998 Salem Super Stock Champion, 7th place World.


"Hurricane" Hailey Simpson, 1998 World Stock Champion.


Dolline Vance, 1997 World Super Stock Champion.


Complete Listing of Salem's Past Champs

For additional photos of Salem Champions -
Please check our History Page

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